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DJing various swing parties around NYC. See Calendar for details.

More Events 4.02.08

DJing between the Blue Vipers' sets at the Hop Swing & Jump party on 4/4 at the Children's Aid Society. Also DJing at Swing House on 4/26 at Galapagos where it's "old-time" theme this month. See Calendar for details.

DJing! 3.14.08

DJing at 1920s-themed party, Swing House on 3/22 at Galapagos. See Calendar for details.

Cuba 11.06.07

Cuba pics are up.

Back in the USA 07.03.07

Back in NYC! It feels so good to be home!!

Travels 05.09.07

Just took a break from Tanzania to visit friends in Cambridge and go snowboarding in France plus attend a conference for Fulbright Grantees in Tunisia. Posted pics from my trip and highlights from the last few months in Tanzania.

Living in Zanzibar 10.23.06

Living on Pemba Island, Zanzibar, Tanzania. Come visit!

Summertime, and the livin' is easy... 09.07.06

Finished my MPhil course in the UK and enjoyed a lovely summer in NYC and Canada. Off to Tanzania on 9/12! Be back in NYC July 3rd next year.

Zanzibar 04.30.06

I'm heading to Zanzibar, Tanzania in the fall for 10 months on a Fulbright scholarship to study the use of culture as a tool to foster conservation. I'll be looking at the Misali Island Marine Conservation Area, a community-based project that is using Islamic beliefs to engage local people in conservation. I'll be living on Pemba island, the northern of Zanzibar's two islands, off the coast of mainland Tanzania in the Indian Ocean.

My radio show 04.27.06

My weekly jazz, swing, blues and old-time radio show, The Gramophone, on Cambridge student radio has changed time. Now it airs Thursdays from 10-11PM UK time (5-6PM in NYC). You can stream it from here: The last show will be June 15th.

Morocco 01.02.06

Back in Cambridge after a month in Morocco. Pics are up now here.

Europe 09.30.05

Spent the month of September traveling around Slovenia and Croatia -- pics up here.

South India 08.09.05

As some of you know I have been working full time in tsunami relief since January -- I'm back from 2 1/2 weeks in India checking up on our programs. See pics here.

I will be back in NYC for August and then traveling around and camping in Croatia and Slovenia for the month of September. In October I'll be moving to Cambridge, UK!

Peru 04.17.05
Just got back from 10 days in Peru! My gig at Gotica club was great and I hiked the 4 day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and saw the floating islands at Lake Titicaca. Pics are up online!
Sacramento + Tahoe 02.08.05
Played in the Scion room at the Import Motion car show in Sacramento on Feb 5th, then drove up to Tahoe and went snowboarding at Northstar the next day. Coming back to NYC on the redeye wasn't so fun, but it was worth it.
Going snowboarding! 12.21.04
Headed off to British Columbia to sample the slopes at Fernie, a small resort tucked away in the Canadian Rockies, which reputedly gets the most powder in the world?!! Don't know who comes up with those stats, but I'll take their word for it...
Back in NYC 12.12.04
I had the most amazing time in Central America! I was there for five months living in the last house on a dirt road tucked away in the clouds of Costa Rica at over 5,000 ft! The closest working telephone was two hours away! We had world class waterfalls within steps of the house and I would wake up in the morning to a flock of squawking sulphur-winged parakeets landing in a tree outside the house. The trees were covered with orchids, bromeliads, and old man's beard, you could walk through the forest and see strangler fig trees, quetzal birds and glass-winged butterflies... I even started a little garden with vegetables and herbs! I climbed Costa Rica's highest mountain 3 times (12,532 ft/3820 m), and got to explore the unique high-altitude shrubby páramo moonscape that surrounds it. I also had the opportunity to discover the cultural and geographical offerings of Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala for a few weeks, which was amazing. See pictures.
Headed South! 07.15.04
Well people, it's time for me to go places that a box of records won't take me. I'm headed to Costa Rica for 5 months to live in a tropical cloudforest on the slopes of Mt. Chirripó, Costa Rica's highest peak, on a tract of land right on the edge of the massive national park that houses the mountain. I'm due back in mid-December.
O, Canada... 06.11.04
Headed up to Canada for a few weeks of canoeing and camping in Algonquin National Park and for some r&r at little cottage on Lake Huron.
New pics up 04.16.04
Put up a few pics from this last trip to Asia and from Vail. In the Pictures section.
Snowboarding and DJ'ing in Vail 04.06.04
I'm in Vail, here to DJ at the Vail Film Festival! I went snowboarding 7 days in a row, saw a ton of amazing movies, and I loved every minute of it!! Headed back home today, but looking forward to VFF 2005..!!!
Back from Asia (again!!) 03.22.04
Back from 5 weeks in Korea and Taipei. Super fun! I took a week off to travel around the volcanic island of Jeju-do in the south of Korea by motorcycle! Visited some outdoor hot springs in Taipei, and lots of night markets everywhere!
"Electrofunk" reviewed in URB! 02.13.04
There's a review of the track I released on Blunted Funk in the Feb issue of URB magazine. Check it out here.
Back from Florida 02.08.04
I was down in Panama City Beach in FL, playing at La Vela w/ Aquasky. See pics. I'll be back in NYC for a bit, then back to Korea before heading to Colorado for snowboarding and a few dates on the West Coast afterwards.
Back from Asia 01.23.04
Back from 5 weeks in Hong Kong & Korea. It was a blast, a few pics are online.
Back from Europe 12.09.03
I'm back from Europe! Some highlights... someone in Poland liked my set so much he came up to me while I was playing and gave me the shirt off his back (it says Poland on it!) That was definitely a first... I think I will hang it on my wall like a hunting trophy! Hamburg was also great -- they did lots of press for promotion (like 5 or 6 articles in all the local publications), and the place was packed, plus there was a TV crew documenting it all and the next day a picture of me & the promoter was in the Morgenpost (Morning Post)! See Calendar section for details.