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Miss Bliss

DJ Miss Bliss mix: set 1 (Real audio)

New York City-based DJ Miss Bliss is on a mission to pioneer the happy sound in a place where sunshine is not the norm. Known for uplifting sets at her own weekly party in the heart of the East Village, she's also been spreading the funky-sweet breakbeat gospel in such far flung places as Los Angeles, CA; Panama City, FL; Atlanta, GA; and Birmingham, AL. When she isn't on the road, she's holed up in her home recording studio masterminding the release of her debut tracks.

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Miss Bliss started at a young age with classical piano and worked her way through musical influences as diverse as jazz, reggae, and surf-rock. By high school Miss Bliss began attending the seminal Konkrete Jungle parties where she got her first delectable taste of drum & bass and breakbeat. But the fun really began when Miss Bliss moved to LA for college where she quickly became an integral part of the close-knit electronic music scene on campus. She began spinning at the student-organized weekly party "Table Manners," which soon led to frequent gigs at campus events, house parties, and charity fundraisers.

With breakbeats coursing through her veins, Miss Bliss graduated and returned home to get to work. Once back in New York, Miss Bliss oversaw the breaks and jungle content of an online club-lifestyle magazine while continuing to hone her DJing skills at her own strictly-breaks "Sunday School" weekly. This was the first breaks party in NYC in years, and was instrumental in kicking off the breaks craze that has infected New York because it allowed people who were passionate about the music to finally meet each other and start working on projects. Shortly thereafter, Miss Bliss was booked for the massive annual "Goddess" party in Atlanta. This booking led to more in the area and Miss Bliss was added to the Peace Continuum roster.

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Many parties, raves and events later, Miss Bliss is still thrilled to be working with the Peace Continuum crew. Inspired by their infectious enthusiasm and tireless devotion to charity, Miss Bliss has encouraged other promoters to engage in community service activities. Nomenclature, an Atlanta venue where Miss Bliss currently holds a residency, agreed to donate half of its proceeds from the October "FlyGirls" party to the American Red Cross following the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center.

Miss Bliss recently signed with Intellihance Records. She is currently producing music at Intellihance's NYC studio and looking forward to spreading the love for happy breaks at venues around the globe.

Miss Bliss has performed with: Polywog, Spacegirl, DJ Fixx, Debbie D, DJ 43, Odi, Analog Pussy, Prophecy, Justin Johnson, Tom Grin, Clay Ivey, Shortee, DJ Keri, DJ Tracey, Ariel Cybana, Siren, Eve, The Punisher, Trixie and many more.

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