Goddess 2

Peace Continuum
Atrium, Atlanta, Georgia

March 3, 2001
By Jewels
Photography by Low Tek

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"She Who is Many: Feel the Goddess's names on your tongue as you speak them aloud . . . Enjoy the cultural richness of the many unusual sounds . . . Embrace the diversity that is at the heart of the Re-emerging Goddess and Her Culture. She sweeps across the dark sky and in Her wake . . . the galaxies, planets, moons, stars and magic are born. "

Grove of the Spiral Goddess circa 1980

On March 3rd of 2001 the Goddesses came to the Atrium in Atlanta, Georgia. Their divine names were as follows:

This had to have been one of the most well attended events at the Atrium so far this year. The final numbers were estimated at a little over 3000 people who came out to see not only the beautiful women performing that night, but for the talent they brought to Atlanta. The caliber of this line up had people talking about this event for weeks prior to the day of the show.

Madame BuddaflyOne of the first DJs on the decks was Madame Buddafly. This was her Atlanta debut. Many people were there early to experience the sounds of "New England's Queen of Techno." Laying down hard techno and tracks like "Jack Me off," "Right to Party," and "Pounding Grooves #13," the early crowd became easily caught up in the groove and showed her the love. She got an A+ for charisma by wearing a see-through body suit with the obvious intent of sex appeal. Speaking of sex appeal, Madame Buddafly's website is interesting to say the least and we highy recommend a visit. She was a crowd pleaser and very generous with throwing out her mix tapes and signing autographs after her set. She had a big smile for everyone that came up to her.

The next diva we caught was Debbie D, well known for electro Florida breaks and commanding a huge fan pool. Debbie played many of her own Juice Recordings tracks and managed to quench the breakers thirst for pounding bass and electro sounds. Break circles cropped up just about everywhere and the men simply adored her form fitting all leather outfit. Yes, indeed, the Goddesses went all out in flattering attire this night.

The Punisher came on for an interesting techno set which surprised the folks who are used to her drum and bass sets. She pulled this off with finesse and kept the crowd jumping in a packed second room. As the cyber-flyers had stated, "she is here to show you the other side of her style." She did not dissapoint us. Punisher performed a smashing drum and bass set at last year's Goddess 1 party and many people had come to hear more of the same. With the change up in genre, one might have expected to see a confused crowd, but her set had such driving basslines and perfect mixes that even the most hardcore drum and bass fans were in awe.

Arial Cybana followed with an incredible trance set that had a Arial Cybanasoothing effect on the crowd after all the frenzy of Punisher's set. Lauded as "San Francisco's Angel of Trance," Arial had recently signed on with Hooj Choons after winning a demo submission contest. Not only was she impressive on the decks, but being beautiful can surely be a great gimic in this scene. While men fluttered around the front of the stage trying to get Arial's attention, a good crowd in need of their trance fix filed into the room to listen to tracks like "Fixation," and "West on 27th."

DJ Tracy pleased the people with her expected styles of groovy San Francisco house. Tracy has a nack for long blends and it is a trial to determine where one track actually ends and the other begins. She played the Get Fucked "Wet Dreams" track which was a crowd pleaser to say the least.

Miss Bliss headed off the main stage with a bumpin' breaks DJ Keriset. This got the crowd warmed up for DJ Keri to come aboard and get her hard house going. Keri is a well-loved Atlanta favorite, known for always having new and fresh house on the platter for the night's cuisine. Tasty tasty house music, a beautiful woman, more hard groovy house, and the next thing you know, the crowd goes wild. People holding their hands up in the air for Keri's finale…not wanting her to stop.

But she did, and what could have been the crowd's let down for an end to a good thing, quickly became a tense excitement as people noticed that members of the group Prophecy were taking the stage one by one. The vibe in the room became electric with anticipation. As the final member and lead singer, Shanon took the stage and stepped up front and center with her mic in hand the cheers and cries started instantly. People were yelling to each other, "Hey come on, Prophecy's on now!" They were running in from the lobby and getting off the chairs by the bar. It was incredible to see how many fans Prophecy has acquired during their few times they have come to Atlanta.

Shanon of ProphecyWith Shanon's angelic voice, combined with her sexy style, the crowd was really getting into their show, hands up in the air and yelling. Add to that the pyro effects that Mauricio, the lead guitarist, has a fondness for, plus the new addition of accomplished drummer and producer Christian Michael, and it is no wonder this group has built up such a following. They performed all their most well known tunes that the crowd sang along to like "Anthem."

After their performance, JIVE Magazine caught up with Prophecy for a little one on one chat, so be sure to check out the interview.

Spacegirl came on next and managed to pull off an outstanding, although short, performance. Apparently, there was some sort of mix up with her equipment and she was having to make do with a keyboard she was not quite use to. To the average ear, her music was perfection, despite the equipment mix up. SpacegirlSpacegirl has finally come out with a debut CD and this was basically her release party. A Spacegirl CD has been in much demand by her fans in Atlanta ever since she first appeared to the large crowd at Future Fest 1999 when she literally blew the crowd away. Last year, at Goddess 1, Spacegirl sealed her fate in Atlanta as one of the most sought after live P.A. artists to book.

Siren went on right after Spacegirl to wrap up the night with a hard-hitting dark drum and bass set. The drum and bass headz were getting a bit antsy by now and were relieved to hear their genre step up to the plate. Break circles formed and freestyles commenced immediately. Her set was energetic, dark, and the basslines ripped right through your chest. You could feel it in your feet and you could not help but dance, even though exhaustion was beginning to set in at this point.

Soon the crowd started mixing up, with trance heads moving into the second room to hear Arial Cybana, and the drum and bass lovers moving into the main room to hear Siren. There was a satisfied feel to the winding down of the party. That vibe had "Well Done" written all over it.


And the Goddesses took flight back to their heavens…


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