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Toshia Sheets Goddess 3.3.01

by Toshia Sheets

Venue: The Atrium - Atlanta, GA
Sponsored by: Peace Continuum

Rain drops are fallin' on my head...lalalala! I don't know the rest of that song, and trust me, you don't want to hear me sing it!

The pouring rain did not stop the crowds from coming out to this party! I arrived right around 10pm and it looked like the doors were already open, letting the kiddies inside to play. The line moved quickly and I was in by about 10:15. Luckily, they had the line going under the breezeway by the bar (if you've been to the Atrium, you know what I'm talking about) which protected us all from the relentless rain.

Once I got inside, I did the usual search for familiar faces, but didn't see anyone that I knew. I did have a little bit of fun slipping and sliding on the slightly slanted floors! If you were (un)lucky enough to attend a party at the Atrium prior to the remodeling, you're probably very thankful for the new floors! The drastic slopes from before would have been hell on this night! The water on the floor reminded me of Outerlimits' party at the Glenwood Convention Center in May 2000 (not quite that bad, though).

I was really hoping the 21+ area with the little bar in the main room would be open. But, all of the chairs and tables were just stacked in the corners. I walked back there for a minute, and there was water falling from the ceiling! I think they forgot to put something on the little space between the original ceiling and the new one. It was wet! There was no one at the bar there. I asked one of the security guys when they were going to open it and he said "never." Well, damn! Ok then! I'm still wondering why they have that bar in the middle of the place at the entrance. There are bars in the main room and the second room, as well as the little side room off of the main room, leading to the outside chill area. That big bar in the middle is a big pain! If they took that out, imagine how fast you could get from room to room. :) (I can dream, can't I?)

The crowds seemed to die off after the first few hundred people got inside. We thought for a while that perhaps only the ticket holders would come because of the rain. But sometime around 1:30am, the rain stopped and the crowds came!

I looked everywhere for a lineup, but couldn't find one, and no one seemed to know exactly who was spinning when. I think Miss Bliss was on the decks when I heard the opening guitar solo from Guns 'N Roses' "Sweet Child of Mine." Wow! Amazing! And the crowd loved it! I think it was also the same DJ that played a remix of an old Blondie song (I believe it was "Rapture"). Everywhere you looked, people were singing along! We're all closet disco junkies! :)

I somehow managed to miss both Prophecy and DJ Keri again! I don't really know how I managed to do that again. I heard from a lot of people that they were absolutely amazing, though! One of these days, I will see both of them!

Around 3:00am, I started to see a few very old familiar faces! I'm always amazed at the way someone just disappears for months and then reappear at a very random party that you'd never imagine them at.

I found myself playing bartender (sort of) with a few people in the VIP section. I'm still curious to know how we all know what suntan lotion tastes like! (Those of you that drank my little mixture know what I'm talking about!) Freaks!

Just inside the VIP section, there's a little place that overlooks the main room. I went back there to check out the scenery. I only stayed for a minute (I just had to go play) and on my way back out, I saw a cop (yes, a COP) telling some kid (I don't know who he was) "You look stupid! How can you wear shit like that? You look like a dumbass kid!" Wow!! What a jerk! The kid wasn't dressed any differently than anyone else there. I think he's just bitter! You give a guy a badge and a gun and he thinks he's God!

I really wish I knew who was on when, because there was some really incredible music coming from the fabulous lady DJ's on this night! I missed Goddess last year (I was at Northern Lights) but attended the afterparty at the Pink Building, which was still about half full at 7:30am when I arrived. I heard about a couple of different afterparties this time, but chose not to attend any of them, since I didn't hear of anything definite or see any fliers.

I definitely had a lot of fun at this party! Someone said it had that "first party feel" and it kind of did! (My second "big" party was Seven at the Atrium in 1999.) There were so many new faces and everyone seemed to be so full of energy. There were a few familiar faces, including Popin, who got me to booty dance in the breakers circle! Hell, why not!?! It was almost 6:00am and we were starting to get silly!!

The word for the night was definitely F U N!!! I can't wait for Goddess III!

Oh, and ladies, there is another bathroom!! I found by checking out all the little rooms behind the scenes (gotta love those VIP passes!). I'm not telling you where it is, though...it's a secret!

Hello to all of the new and old friends that came out to support the Goddesses of our scene! And a big "muah" to all the cuties (there were tons there)!!! I hope to see you all again soon!! And thanks to Keri and Mike for a wonderfully fun night!

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