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    Aurelius says bring it on

    By Jules Quartly
    Friday, Mar 12, 2004,Page 19

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    It should be an entertaining weekend as busy Miss Bliss touches down for a gig at Luxy, Taichung's original funk party crew presents "Monkey Funker" and there's another free Huazhong Bridge event.

    They're all tomorrow, but to start things off there's a "party for angels" in Taichung tonight at Rush that's promising free entry for girls. For the guys, it will be NT$350 before 12:30pm and NT$500 thereafter. The organizers say they've enlisted five of the island's best-looking and talented local DJs: Han'll be playing breakbeats from 11pm, followed by breakbeats and house from Blueman. Satan will kick in with house and techno after a set from Edmund and David S will end the night on a high from 5am to 7am with a decadent mix of disco and house.

    At Bacchus in Taipei, DJ Em has "Rock the Jungle," a night of drum `n' bass `n' breakbeats, that costs just NT$350 before 12pm, for which you get the cream of the country's junglist playas, including DJs Ty, Da, AB Koo, 55, Umbra and Chewie. Also tonight, at Luxy, is the fabled UK club's Renaissance Asia Tour featuring DJ Hernan Cattaneo.

    Who's got a big head? DJ Marcus Aurelius is bringing DJ Miss Bliss to town.
    DJ Miss Bliss is an attractive Polish/Chinese New Yorker who has held residencies in Atlanta and the Big Apple, in addition to playing in South America, Europe and Asia. She's released records and writes for various magazines about dance music, so she's a bit of an all-rounder who's going places. Tomorrow, she's behind the wheels of steel at Luxy. It's her first time in Taipei and she says she's going to "learn about the history, soak up some culture and sample the local food." At the same party, Cara Chan Wollinsky will be playing her funky, electro-breakbeats, with hip hop from DJ Marcus Aurelius and drum `n' bass from DJ Elements. The jet-setting Bliss can be accessed at

    The Miss Bliss show is Tensegrity Productions' first gig and the man with the musical plan is DJ Marcus Aurelius, who's aiming to provide some alternative events in the near future, including "Skatetown" in two weeks' time, a celebration of roller skating, hip hop and photography.

    "Yeah, we're tryin' to change the game, change the way things work around here, and just make it a bit more exciting," Aurelius says. "I've gone from MCing to DJing because I wanna show people what good music is. ... Music's not just for the club, it's for Sundays, in the rollerskating rink, anytime, anywhere. I just wanna do things a bit different." Bring it on.

    Back in Taichung, tomorrow, MalFunktion presents Monkey Funker, with hip hop and funky breaks, for the opening night of Penthouse 183 (formerly known as Ibiza). Hand over NT$400 for grooves courtesy of resident DJs 12-Step, Caddywampus, Keedo, Provisoir and special guest The Sundance Kid, from 11pm until 5am.

    Also tomorrow, "Funk da House" at Bacchus will be presenting DJ Victor and @llen, along with Dark and Em. Again, it's just NT$350 before 12:30pm.

    @llen's going to be a busy boy and will be teaming up with Stingray and Lim Kiong (林強) for another of their famed and free Huazhong Bridge parties. The last one was a washout, with just 10 people braving the elements, so this will be a makeup event, with bands Emily (愛蜜麗), KbN (凱比鳥) trying it on again with Weather Man (氣象人), from 5pm to midnight.

    Last weekend's big event saw DJs Saucey and SL entertaining approximately two hockey teams' worth of Canadians and a back bench worth of locals at Citrus' two-year anniversary bash at Eden. The music was great but there was a gripe about the remodeled Eden, which had just one bathroom with a folding airplane-style door. If there's one thing worse than waiting an hour for a drink (Luxy on a big night), it's waiting an hour to get rid of the drink (Eden, any night).

    Where to go:
    Bacchus is at B1, 12 Songshou Rd, Taipei (台北市松壽路12B1), in the Neo 19 building next to Warner Village.

    Huazhong Bridge iis at the far end of Wanda Road (萬大路), in Wanhua. The party's in the riverside park, under the bridge.

    Luxy is at 5F, 201 Zhongxiao E Road, Sec 4, Taipei (台北市忠§答F路四段201號­樓), (02) 2772 100.

    Penthouse 183 is on the corner of Chaofu Rd and Shihcheng N Rd, next to E-Power, in Taichung.

    Rush is at 3F, 173, Hueijung Rd, Sec 1, Taichung (台中市惠中路一段1733). Call (04) 2381 6905.
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