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"Madness" -- Mitch Wells + Miss Bliss

This is a slamming nu skool breaks track with a short-but-sweet surprise house interlude.

"Justin's Been Drinking" -- Mitch Wells + Miss Bliss

Mitch recorded his friend Justin after about 8 hours of heavy drinking. We used the resulting audio for eerie vocal samples and percussion in this nu skool breaks track.

"Three" -- Mitch Wells + Miss Bliss

I strum Mitch's beautiful white electric guitar for the breakdown in this somewhat proggy breaks track.

"Melodica Dub" -- Miss Bliss

I was deep in a dub phase when I made this dubby house song. If you're into the sound of the melodica check out Augustus Pablo, he's the man, and really pioneered that instrument.

"The Electrofunk" -- Sneak-E Pete + Miss Bliss -- [Blunted Funk, NYC, USA]

Some funky breaks for the Blunted Funk imprint's sophomore release.


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